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Competition Rules


  1. 1.Little Athletics NSW must approve ALL centre uniforms.

  2. 2.ALL competitors must compete in their registered centre uniform. In the case of “individually registered athletes” centre uniform shall be classified as the generic uniform, as determined by Little Athletics NSW.

  3. 3.If the uniform has a manufacturer’s logo, it must be no more than 5cm in height, have lettering no more than 4cm in height and not exceed a total of 30cm sq (ie. 5cm x 6cm, 3cm x 10cm etc.).

  4. 4.An athlete may wear compression pants as an undergarment beneath their uniform shorts/pants providing they are worn above the knee. Note: Rule 1.3 iii does not apply to these undergarments.

  5. 5.Bike pants approved as part of the centre uniform may be only worn by female athletes as an outer garment. Bike pants on their own are not acceptable for male athletes.

  6. 6.No part of the uniform shall extend beyond the top of the knee. An application, in writing, for exemption to this rule MUST be made to the carnival organisers prior to the event. There are no exemptions for walk events.

  7. 7.Competition singlets/t-shirts must not cover any compulsory numbers (e.g. centre number) or patches (e.g. age patch). A competitor will be asked to tuck in the singlet/t-shirt if it covers a compulsory number or patch and a competitor may be fouled or disqualified if they fail to comply with this request.

  8. 8.Competitors may wear a plain “T” shirt under their competition uniform. (The colouring of such a “T” shirt must be of a neutral colour so that it does not clash with the uniform design or colour. A white “T” shirt would be preferred).

  9. 9.Individual “sponsors” registration numbers are to be worn by ALL LANSW competitors firmly affixed to the front of the uniform top.

  10. 10.Approved centre numbers are to be worn by ALL LANSW competitors firmly affixed to the back of the uniform.

  11. 11.Individual and centre numbers must have all printing visible, without modifications to size and must clearly show the sponsor’s name. The minimum size of the registration number is that indicated by the red border printed on the number. The border must be visible.

  12. 12.Age numbers are to be worn on the front left hand side of the uniform.

  13. 13.Approved centre uniform must be worn on the presentation dais.

  14. 14.“Sponsors” patches, as supplied by Little Athletics NSW, must be worn on the front top right hand side of the uniform.


  1. 1.Appropriate footwear is compulsory for all competitors in all events.

  2. 2.Spike shoes MUST NOT be worn in any U6 – U8 event.

  3. 3.Competitors in U9 ‐ U12 age groups may wear spike shoes in events run entirely in lanes, Long Jump, Triple jump High Jump and U12 Javelin.

  4. 4.Competitors in the U13‐U17 age groups may wear spike shoes in track events run entirely in lanes Javelin, Long Jump, Triple Jump and High Jump and track events not run entirely in lanes with the exception of walks.

  5. 5.Competitors must not wear spike shoes with the spikes removed in any event.

  6. 6.Spike shoes must only be worn during the event and are not to be worn to and from the event.

  7. 7.Spike length

  8. 1.a. Synthetic ‐ Track 7mm Maximum

  9. 2.High/Long/Triple/Javelin 9mm Maximum

  10. 3.b. Grass ‐ 12mm Maximum

  11. 4.or according to ground requirements.

  12. 8.No competitor may wear football boots or cleats in any event.

  13. 9.In the high jump and long jump, the sole shall have a maximum thickness of 13mm and the heel in high jump shall have a maximum thickness of 19mm. In all other events the sole and/or heel may be of any thickness. SR A-4vii)