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Age Marshals

For every age group there is an adult in charge, this person is called “Age Marshal”. Age Marshals are responsible for an age group and a list of his/hers duties includes the following:

At normal Saturday competition Age Marshal should come to Hensley Athletic Field at 8:15 am at latest.

  1. Submit results and time-sheet from previous week competition. For every event results are recorded on “recording sheets” (right).

  2. Sign-up on the “Age Marshal sign on sheet” next to the finish line.

  3. Check that all necessary equipment (shot put, discus, tape, markers etc.) are in the age group box.

  4. Take his/her age group to the first event at 8:30 am sharp and strictly follow the programme.

  5. Organize children for every event i.e. decide about running heats, organize helpers for jumping/throwing events, be at the finishing line to record placings/performance.

  6. Take care that every child is properly dressed (proper uniform), has got registration number at the front, age patch on the left side and centre number at the back.

  7. Take care about children behaviour on and around the track, safety is of paramount importance.

  8. Sign-off the “Age Marshal sign on sheet” with number of children competed on the day.

  9. Report the top performance from his/hers age group to the announcer.

  10. Write tickets and hand them out on the following Saturday.

Competition is on Saturday mornings at Hensley Athletic Field. Kids are divided into age groups and they compete only against other kids from the same age group and might complete in 6 to 8 events. There are 2 competition programmes, Series 1 and Series 2, alternating each week.

Other competitions include; Centre Championships, State Relays, Zone, Regional and State Championships.
Our centre is affiliated with Little Athletics Association of New South Wales (LAANSW). Last year there were a total of 37,800 registered athletes belonging to the LAANSW which is split up into 8 Regions. Randwick Botany belongs to a Region 8. Regions are further divided into Zones and our centre (together with Balmain, Canterbury, Eastern Suburbs, South Eastern, Western Suburbs and Tiger West) belongs to a Inner City Zone. Complete structure of Regions and Zones is shown in the Regions (right).

Team selections for State Relays, Zone, Regional and State Championships are based on individual performances. Some younger age groups are not competing at this level.

  1. State Relays, Under 8 to Under 17

  2. Zone Championships, Under 7 to Under 17

  3. Regional Championships, Under 8 to Under 17

  4. State Championships, Under 9 to Under 17

State Relays and Zone teams are picked on individual performance at Club Championships and normal Saturday competitions.

Regional team is selected automatically based on the placing at Zone Championships, Top 6 in every event are selected into the team.

State team is selected automatically base on the placing at Regional Championships, Top 2 in every event are selected into the team, plus a maximum of 8 from other Regional results.

Region 8

Inner City

Zone Co Ordinator - Andrew Kohlrusch

Balmain (Rozelle)

Canterbury (Ashbury)

Eastern Suburbs (Paddington)

Randwick Botany (Pagewood)

South Eastern (Kensington)

Tiger Wests (Auburn)

Western Suburbs (Concord)

Southern Metropolitan

Zone Co Ordinator - Ray Loveridge


Illawong (Barden Ridge)

Port Hacking (Sylvania Waters)

Revesby Workers (Milperra)

St. George (Penshurst)